Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pink Dreams of Animal Sanctuary 10/17/07

Pink threw animal activist Ingrid Newkirk a party at her Hollywood home at the weekend - and announced dreams of turning the place into a rescue shelter for stray animals. People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA) president Newkirk was looking for a place to launch her new book, Let's Have A Dog Party: 20 Tailwagging Celebrations To Share With Your Best Friend, and animal lover Pink jumped at the chance to play hostess. The longtime PETA supporter invited Hollywood dog lovers Kevin Nealon (vegetarian) and Bill Maher to bring their own pooches to the bash, and reports more than 30 pets ran around as guests mingled.

Turning her home over to the dogs for the day helped Pink visualise her dream. She said, "This backyard was made for this. I want an animal sanctuary. That's my dream. I want acres and acres of free dogs, pigs, cows and horses." Pink and husband Carey Hart already have four dogs of their own - including two the pop superstar rescued from a junkyard. She reveals, "There were seven of them... I wanted all seven, but Carey said no! So, we got two."

So my dream and Pink's dream are the same? She even wants to help cows and pigs, like me. Wow. I've been looking for an excuse to put Carey Hart in this blog, so here we go...