Sunday, March 16, 2008

Car show! Car show! Car show!

What do you get when you mix thousands of Minnesotans who have just endured 4 months of sub-zero temperatures with hundreds of gleaming, new automobiles? You get the Twin Cities Auto Show! Ajumma and hubby methodically trekked through the convention center, yesterday, to see the car industry's offerings. Here are some highlights:

- Ajumma easily could have driven away in a new 2-door VW Rabbit, despite hubby's protests that VW makes unreliable cars
- Two Porsches on the floor already had "SOLD" signs on them

- Nissan displayed their silver $70,000 Z model, whose engine runs over 400 HP!
- Honda, Lexus, and Infiniti manual models didn't feature shifter knobs, since people like to unscrew and steal them at car shows

- Ajumma's hubby scored himself a knit cap for correctly naming all 3 Scion models
- Toyota earned my "Most Attractive Spokespeople" award at the show--mainly women of color in short, red leather belted jackets, black shirts, and stilletto boots

- Hyundai gave away mystery packages that were 90% waste, 5% giant poster, and 5% delicious bottled water
- All ages, colors, and races turned out for the show--and everyone had fun (even the babies in strollers).
- Next up: Hot Import Night on Saturday, September 27, 2008 @ the Minneapolis Convention Center