Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Arrest warrant: Shia LaBeouf

Insano California issued an arrest warrant for actor Shia LaBeouf, today. Shia received a citation for unlawful smoking (which is apparently a misdemeanor) while smoking outside a Burbank boutique on February 18. Shia was to appear in court at 8:30 AM, today, but neither he or his lawyer showed appeared, so a $1,000 bench warrant was issued for his arrest.

An arrest for outdoor smoking? It's not like he was smoking outside a preschool playground or into the faces of defenseless puppies. What is California's problem? Why don't they go chase real criminals like gangbangers and workers comp cheats? I've been away from Cali for a year and they STILL send notices (addressed to me in Minnesota) threatening to sue me for not renewing my car insurance within their state.