Saturday, January 14, 2012

Room & Board 2012 catalog

Kudos to those who prepped, designed and photographed the Room and Board 2012 annual collection.  The catalog landed in my mailbox this week and it's a surprisingly refreshing presentation.  Initially I wasn't excited about it because Room and Board's inventory has gotten stale over the past couple of years.  The new catalog is a whopping 380 pages. The photos superbly highlight Room & Board's furnishings with crisp lighting, cool accessories, and clutter-free spaces. (IKEA drives me nuts with all the crap they cram into photos in their catalogs.)

I'm particularly impressed by the variety of plants and flowers, and fun accessories Room and Board's designers located for the shoots.  Many storyboards were undoubtably laid out on what pieces should be shot together so that everything was included, and items not overused.  (I guess if I wanted to get picky I could create a drinking game based on how many times the Gehry, Jackie Kennedy, and Calatrava books appear, but whatever.)  

If you like modern furniture you'll enjoy paging through the new Room and Board catalog.  It's good inspiration for decorating ones own space and will likely bring wayward shoppers like me back to their stores.