Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Van Halens' Tiger Mom

Do you know that rockers Alex and Eddie Van Halen are part Asian?  I recently learned that 1) the  brothers were born in the Netherlands and 2) their mom is Indonesian.  It seems Eugenia Van Halen had a Tiger Mom edge to her, too.  Eddie recalls, "The whole time I was growing up, my mom used to calling me a 'nothing nut- just like your father.'  When you grow up that way, it's not conducive to self-esteem."  Eddie also notes with music, "My mom was the one pushing us.  You know the father in the movie Shine.  That's what my mom was like." (Dodds, Kevin. Edward Van Halen: A Definitive Biography. iUniverse Publishing. 2011.)

All this time I thought Linkin Park were the first Asian American guys rocking the masses but it turns it was actually Van Halen!  All photos are courtesy of  You can see more cool old photos on their site.