Saturday, June 9, 2012

Getting down with Brendan Fraser

Vanity Fair magazine photographs famous stars enacting scenarios in a feature they call "In Character." I've looked at quite a few and I'm surprised by the actors' redundant expressions.  Hands down, the best of the best is mummy slayer Brendan Fraser.

Left: You’re a factory foreman with $200 riding on the game, watching your team’s placekicker muff a 23-yarder with 0:01 remaining. Center: You’re a first-time skydiver, reacting to your instructor’s saying it’s your turn: “What? Can’t hear you! Sorry ... what?” Right: You’re in the back row of sixth-grade health class, exulting with your pal in the fact that your female teacher just uttered the word “penis.”

John Goodman and Allison Janney also knocked it out of the park.  See Vanity Fair's "In Character" gallery here.