Saturday, June 9, 2012

Claire Danes has a new nose, a busy job, and a loft for sale

My girlfriend swears she saw actress Claire Danes while hiking in Itasca State Park a few summers ago.  She claims Danes passed by and asked her for the time.  Because my friend had no proof of their encounter everyone likes to give her a hard time about her story.

I wonder if she saw Claire with her original, distinctive nose or Claire with her new, narrower nose, which veers into Jennifer Grey territory.  Claire's new look is pleasing to the eye, but it makes her seem like a generic blonde.  Before her plastic surgery overhaul she had a look that was hers alone. These days Danes is on the cover of Harper's Bazaar in Russia, is selling her New York loft for $6 million, and stars as a CIA officer in the critically acclaimed cable series Homeland.

Photos via, Go4Celebrity, Daily Makeover, Movies Pad