Thursday, August 22, 2013

I want it: Plush Pac-Man

You know the mental condition where someone sees something and suddenly she MUST HAVE IT or she'll blow up the entire building?  I have that problem.  I believe it's commonly referred to as immaturity.  The other morning I walked into Denny's and saw a crane game full of plush Pac-Men and ghosts.  I am a child of the 80's and Pac-Man was a big part of my life.  My brother and I played Atari until both joysticks broke (Atari 5200 joysticks were such a joke).  I even had a Pac-Man themed birthday party when I was in elementary school. 

In the end I decided against trying to win the plush Pac-Man dolls.  I know I would have gone crazy if one slipped through the crane hand.  I had the option of paying for one, but they cost $20!  I could buy five boba teas or my entire Denny's meal for that price.  In the end, maturity and common sense won out.