Friday, May 15, 2015

The Muppets are coming back to TV

I'm about to embark on watching Game of Thrones and Black Mirror this weekend.  (My coworkers insist Game of Thrones is "the best show ever.")  My husband has pointed out that most of what I get into on TV involves dark themes of drugs and violence.  Listen, Mister, The Muppets are returning to prime time TV this fall and I'll be all into that.  Is there going to be drugs or violence on The Muppets?  I suspect we'll see some violence, like Crazy Harry causing explosions, Marvin Suggs and his Muppaphones, and Miss Piggy socking Kermit.  But unlike The Wire, I won't experience post-traumatic stress syndrome upon completing a season.  Welcome back, guys!

Notes from the trailer:
  • Witty writing
  • Even Kermit hates the 405
  • I still miss Jim Henson
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