Thursday, May 14, 2015

I'd totally live here: Woodsy in Pasadena

We're going house-heavy these days on Ajumma's Pad. In the time I've spent away from blogging (long enough where I forgot my password) I've been scouring real estate.  A decade ago I was all about midcentury modern residences.  Lately I am more drawn to bungalows and craftsman styles.  However, I still have a soft spot in my heart for 50s and 60s architecture.

I'd snap up this 1955 three bedroom, two bathroom house (built over a creek) in Pasadena in a heartbeat.  It sold back in November for a whopping $1,450,000.  I didn't save how much sellers were asking last fall but I recall it was over a million.

This post and beam house occupies 1680 square feet on a half-acre lot.  It's built over a creek in a wooded neighborhood.  I am on the fence about the concrete floors, but that is about it.  I love this house!  It reminds me of the California-style 60s home I grew up in complete with a rocky creek flowing through the backyard.

 The house has a tastefully remodeled kitchen and bathrooms, and central AC. 

I imagine weekend mornings in the kitchen as sunlight drips in, sipping tea on the patio, and naps on the sofa as breezes drift through the living room to the backyard.  If only I had 1.5 million stashed away.

I had the thought that if I lived here I'd have to diligently watch my chihuahua in the yard so he didn't get snatched by coyotes.

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