Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Clones Vol. 18: John Secada and Bobby Jindal

Heart attack! For a second I thought the Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, performed with Chippendales in Vegas, last night. I read closer on Dlisted and saw it's actually singer Jon Secada. That's still majorly weird.

Speaking of political look-alikes, everytime I see Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. with President Obama, I think it's Oprah's longtime boyfriend Steadman. I know this means I need to get out more.

NPR interview with Lauryn Hill

I recently sat with a young college student as he sang gustily to "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" on his iPod. I told him that was old school for a 19 year-old, and he said he knew it. I remember first hearing the Fugees' "Killing Me Softly"over loud speakers at a New York City bargain store in 1996. Well, Lauryn Hill is back. NPR has a interview with the elusive singer/rapper, who says she is back to performing live and may even record again.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A new respect for pageant queens

Pageant is a 2008 documentary about Miss Gay America contestants vying for the coveted title. It's a fasinating and personal look not only at the contestants as individuals, but at the occupation of female impersonation. My favorite contestant was Orlando's Robert Martin (appearing on stage as Chantel Reshae) who is painfully eloquent about why he wants to be Miss Gay America. Robert's story is highlighted by his friendship with his (ADORABLE) stage partner, Jake, who is straight. What stands out about this film is not men in dresses, but how all of us have goals and ambitions, and want to be viewed as fabulous. Pageant is now showing free on On Demand.

"Women to cupcakes..."

What visit to Santa Barbara is complete without a stop at Crushcakes Cupcakes? Not exactly sure where Crushcakes was located, my husband and I wandered near State Street until we spotted a gaggle of women. My philosopher husband figured, 'Women to cupcakes like flies to dung.' At Crushcakes we shared a Crushcake (red velvet with sour cream frosting) and a Cookies and Cream cupcakes. Both were delicious; much better than anything I've tasted in Los Angeles, but still inferior to cupcakes I had in Vancouver.

I'm finding that the secret to a satisfying cupcake lies in the frosting. If the frosting is too heavy or sugary, it takes away from experiencing the actual cake. My girlfriend served lightly frosted cupcakes at her recent wedding reception. This saved everyone from sugar headaches and feeling like they had just consumed the whole day's calories in one dessert. Brilliant!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Vern and Kraft Mayo taken on beige

At first this ad had me asking, "What the hell?" But then it had me thinking how much I love Vern.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vacation, all I ever want to do

Ajumma is going to California for a few days of rest, relaxation and Asian food, and to see a childhood friend get hitched.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Eater's interview with chef, Susur Lee

Watching chef Susur Lee run through the kitchen on Top Chef Masters, his ponytail flying, always brought a smile to my face. Hearing his commentary sprinkled with expletives was amusing, too. All the action aside, his food consistantly ranked high among the Top Chef judges. Eater has posted a great Top Chef exit interview with the charismatic Susur Lee. Read it.

Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup 2010 starts today!

Have you noticed that South Korea now uses first names on their World Cup jerseys instead of surnames? South Korean captain Park Ji Sung's jersey now reads "Jisung" instead of "J.S. Park." Did the team think it was too confusing with so many Kims, Parks, and Lees running about? What's challenging is trying to sound out "Seungyeoul" as player is sprinting down the field.

One thing I have to hand to North Korea is that their romanization system is truer to the way Korean names are actually pronounced.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Where is William Zabka?

Ralph Macchio gave Jaden Smith a hug at The Karate Kid 2 premiere in Los Angeles this week. Macchio (like the rest of us) originally scoffed at the idea of remaking the 1984 film, but eventually came around saying, "I think the tallest order is filling the void of Mr. Miyagi, "He's like a human Yoda and casting Jackie Chan was a smart move."

Is it me, or does it look like Jim Caveziel is getting comfortable with Jada Pinkett in the background of this picture?

Word is that bad boy William Zabka joined Macchio on The Karate Kid 2 red carpet, though I have yet to spot the blonde actor.

For more photos of Macchio, the Will Smith family, and Jackie Chan at the L.A. premiere, visit Daily Mail.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rain slaps his own butt

Korean superstar Rain won MTV's Biggest Badass Star award at the 2010 Movie Awards. In true Rain fashion, he gave a wacky speech in English at the podium.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Straight outta Pyongyang

Not just one, but two Koreas will battle for the World Cup in South Africa this summer. The New York Times and the Global Post examine the mysterious North Korean team, their Japanese-born forward, and what this means for Kim Jong-Il's communist state.

How swell: Vern's a dad!

Meet Gavin Joshua Mannox, Vern Yip's new baby boy, in this week's issue of People Magazine (June 7). Gavin was born to Vern and his partner Craig Koch via surrogate mom in January 2010. Let's face it, what everyone is really dying to know about is the baby's nursery. Knocked Up Celebs blog talked to Vern about his design that features a commissioned painting of a monk and Vern's four dogs. The nursey also includes a Nelson bubble lamp and animal statues he collected across the globe. Vern explained to People, "I didn't want to fill his room with kid stuff," but added he's be willing to change it to whatever makes Gavin happy once he's older. Read the article here.