Friday, October 28, 2011

3 dogs and a baby dressed up as Mr. T

This Mr. T is part B.A. Baracus, part Jennifer Beals.  By goldenpeacock

This Mr. T pities the fool who doesn't use Snickers bar ammunition.

"Yo, you with the teeth.  Quit yo jibber jabber." cute overload

This right here is a perfect example of precisely why people have babies. Buzzfeed

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Zoinks! Zombies!

How can one tell the difference between a ghost and a zombie? They often share traits like grey skin, hallowed out eyes and streaked blood, but there are some key differences.

1) Ghosts are spirits who may or may be out to possess your soul. Unlike zombies, you cannot bonk a ghost over a head with a shovel. 
2) Zombies are humans who have died, but disease resulted in them coming back to consume brains not souls).

3) Zombies almost always have wounds and decay on their bodies. There might be blood, but you'll always see rot. 
4) Zombies don't float or walk through walls. They teeter and tremble on decayed limbs. The really scary ones dash and lunge.

Zombies don't smile or look cute. This girl needs some brain matter smashed into her hair, a grey face and black circles drawn under her eyes. She also needs a lurch in her step. Photo by damien

Glenn, pizza delivery boy turned zombie hunter, from The Walking Dead. Aja aja, Glenn.

The Muppets are totally wired

Everybody's favorite scientific duo are on the cover of Wired magazine's November 2011 cover. Bunson Honeydew ponders and plots while his assistant Beaker frets about getting zapped, fried or sliced in two.  Read their Wired article courtesy of Tough Pigs. Photo from Tough Pigs, too, since I was too tired to scans my dad's issue.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Honda Civic SI

At first I couldn't tell to whom Honda is marketing their new Civic SI.  Asian girls in their twenties?  Can they afford a model that starts at $22,205?  Then I saw the driver in the commercial pop a Twizzler in her mouth and jump her six-speed over a bridge.  I realized, hey, they're marketing to me.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Yoo Ah In: Still cute, just different

Who was the handsome bow-tied lad on the red carpet at the 2011 Busan International Film Festival? It's none other than actor Yoo Ah In, though it's hard to tell because his face is slowly transforming. Gone are his youthful cheeks and distinctive nose.

Yoo used to remind me of Nonstop star Kim Young Joon, these days he's more like suave Rick Yune. Thank goodness the twenty-six year old Yoo has kept his original eyeslids, big ears and lips. He's a good looking guy and still looks Korean, but I prefer Yoo's old face. As I've said this a million times, big noses give people character.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bobby Lee's invite got lost in the mail

Bobby Stein was invited to dine with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak at the White House, but Bobby Lee was nowhere to be seen. Maybe you're wondering if the South Korean president should be exposed to such a goofy comedian who regularly embarrasses prideful Korean Americans with his shirtless antics. Keep in mind that John Cho and Dr. Ken Jeong were both invited to the White House events. Cho is known for his gross-out, drug-centered movies (including the insanely awesome Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle) and Dr. Ken, who went fully nude in The Hangover, acts equally obnoxious in most of his roles. Not exactly classy. 

One degree of Bobby Lee

I personally would have loved to see some Bobby at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  See the state dinner guest list here, and the White House luncheon list here.  Photo via Laugh Stub

The Wonder Years on Netflix

The Wonder Years television series is now streaming on Netflix!  If you've waited for decades for the acclaimed series to come out on VHS or DVD your wait it over because all six seasons (1988 to 1993) are yours at a click of a button.  I'm catching up on episodes I missed, like most of Kevin's junior and senior year in high school. Photo via Movie Store

Saturday, October 15, 2011

One white wig to rule them all

Who looks hotter in a white wig; Jay Chou as the Lord of Wushu in True Legend or Orlando Bloom as the elf Legolas in Lord of the Rings?  I'm going with Orlando because it's hard to get past Jay's forehead wings.

Jay Chou pic via China Org and Orlando Bloom from Pop Tower

Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm aging and I can't get up

My girlfriend told me about this cartoon while we devoured breakfast together this morning. We had just come from a strength training session and were talking about the aging process. Suddenly in our 30s it seemed that our bodies are changing without our consent.

My 72 year-old mother in-law exists somewhere in between the last two stages. She will readily tell you that she used to be beautiful and more than one man asked her to marry him. I've seen photos of her from Vietnam and it's true! She was pretty and youthful even after her fifth child was born. All I know is this ajumma will hold onto stage 2 as long as possible.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011

Japan and Corea circa 1851

AncientShades on Etsy

Who's that dude?

I ran across Part Asian 100% Hapa in a L.A. bookstore in 2006. I snatched up a copy for my friend whose half Filipino-half white son had just turned a year old. All these years I was never sure who graced the cover of Kip Fulbeck's book. Sean Lennon wrote the foreward, so could it be him? If it was, it was the best damn photo Sean Lennon had ever taken.

A 2008 interview with Fulbeck explains that the cover model is not Lennon (seen above), but actually Fulbeck's surfing buddy named Shane. Mystery solved.

Because who needs pants when they're dead?

If you haven't committed yourself to dressing up as a slutty nurse or angel for Halloween, Urban Outfitters suggests you go as a pants-less Asian ghost (specifically a murder victim). Sigh. This idea is so 10 years ago.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ronald Clark: Snow White's new favorite boyfriend

Hi ho!  I spy actor and Pit Bull Rescuer Ronald Clark as one of the seven dwarves in the new Snow White film.  Ronald, who starred in the reality cable series Pit Boss, was adopted from Korea as a child.  He's also a little person.  He looks like he's having a fun time filming this adaptation of the fairy tale.  The movie, which also stars Julia Roberts and Lily Collins, opens in March 2012.

See more Snow White photos at Yahoo!