Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just call me "Charlie"

When I modeled my new scarf from Banana Republic for my husband excitedly told me, "You look like a VC."  Well damn, he's right.  Note to self: Avoid wearing the scarf with army green.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Public Enemy: Sean Hull

Sean Hull joined Millionaire Matchmaker (on Bravo) in hopes of finding a $2 Asian ho who wears a size 0. Why Asian? Because according to Sean they know who's boss.  Rather than toss him out on his ass with a barage of insults or make him walk the streets of New York in a fat suit like she did to the opinionated gay millionaire a few episodes ago, Patti Stanger selected three young educated Asian American women to meet the 38 year-old bachelor. What Sean was really looking for was a fresh-off-the-boat, green card seeking gal who won't question his bald head or a-hole personality. See the million dollar d-bag describe his ideal woman.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

How do you spell studs? J-e-f-f- and H-e-a-t-h

According to Chictopia, this long legged motorcycle mama is wearing a Heath Kirchart flannel shirt by Emerica (and $940 Marc Jacobs boots).  I'm always finding news out after it's happened, but...

Heath Kirchart, skateboarder, face-slammer (because he's a charger, bless his soul) Iowa business owner, and Harley-Davidson fiend, recently retired from pro skateboarding and pedaled across the U.S. with his friend Jeff Vallee on a bicycle.

If you like travelogues, you will love Jeff's day-by-day blog of their adventure bicycling from California to New York.  It's like Thelma and Louise meets Rick Steves, meets Dumb and Dumber (Jeff's words, not mine).  And seriously, you have to see what Heath wore on the trip. 

Check out We're Really Doing It (pics via the blog).

Mmm, Tootsie Roll broccoli...

Watch how the authors of the book What's New, Cupcake?create Chinese food cupcakes.

An autobody experience

Honda made a commercial that made me stop, look, and most of all, listen.  The sun, the desert, Simon and Garfunkel's harmonizing--it makes me forget bad stuff in the world for a moment.

Wishing I were a size 0

I'm always crabbing about how there aren't enough Asian clothing models.  I got more than my fill this weekend when I stumbled across yesstyle.com, an off-shoot of yesasia.com (an online vendor Asian DVDs and music).  Yesstyle.com features clothing brands from South Korea, Taiwan, China and Japan.  It's mighty fun to see what kids are wearing overseas, and the models (for the most part) are super cute and delightfully cheesy.
My favorite women's clothing site is Zoo from Taiwan.  The downside is unless you're a size 0-4 you're kind of screwed shopping on yesstyle.com.  Most of the women's shops only sells one-size-fits-all. 

A Korean Jason Schwartzman on yesstyle.com

Friday, November 26, 2010

Chris Hewitt's review of "Burlesque"

The most entertaining movie review I've read in a long time.

Clones Vol. 21: Jay Chou & John Cho

There's a new Cho in town!  Actually, his name is Chou.  Jay Chou is a popular Taiwanese singer and actor who stars alongside Seth Rogen in the upcoming The Green Hornet movie.  Chou plays the Hornet's sidekick (literally), Kato, a role originated by Bruce Lee.

When the movie trailer played during the Thanksgiving Cowboys game, I suggested to my in-laws that we see The Green Hornet, and added that Jay Chou plays Kato.  My husband bet I was the only one in the room who knows Jay Chou.  My brother-in-law countered that Jay Chou is the guy from the White Castle movie.  WRONG! When I said that is John Cho, everyone laughed.  It's both sad and funny when Asians can't tell other Asians apart. 

Watch The Green Hornet trailer, here.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Donald Glover for The Gap

Donald Glover (who plays Troy on Community) appears in this season's holiday campaign for The Gap. 

Damn people who like meat and not having to think

Hey everybody, let's go out for veal!

Veal: Meat from a calf taken from its mother a day after being born.  Kept in a small, narrow pen so it cannot move or turn around, grass withheld to prevent natural muscle development.  Slaughtered while young.

Foie gras: Fatty liver from force-fed birds.  The force feedings sicken the birds they can only hang their heads after the feedings.

Ajumma recently reconnected with a girlfriend who had just completed her MBA and began working at a Fortune 500 company.  We decided to have lunch at a place she heard others raving about.  Someone told me the place is so popular that you have to call a month ahead for a dinner reservation.  Looking at their online menu I found veal and foie gras.  I told my friend that I'm opposed to how animals are raised for these foods and suggested we go someplace else.  My coworker recommend another establishment that people are dying over, which ALSO ended up serving veal and foie gras.  It makes me angry that it's 2010 and A) people are opening new places that serve this shit and B) people my age are helping make these places popular.  To top it off, it's been documented that these helpless animals often end up abused while at the slaughterhouses.  Last fall the Humane Society of the United States videotaped downed veal calves being shocked at a slaughterhouse in Vermont, and recently filmed baby turkeys being ground up while alive in Minnesota.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Flashback: Lee Jung-Jae for clr!de

This postcard of fresh-faced actor Lee Jung-jae used to hang on my fridge in Korea back in 2000.  Lee now stars as an adulterous husband in the new movie, The Housemaid.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Spring roll earrings-start dipping

Hand-sculpted spring roll earrings by BetsyEtsy complete with peanuts in the hoisin sauce.  Betsy crafts other Asian delicacies, too.  Check out her shop on (of course) Etsy.

A Friday sprinkled with Jackie Chan

Did everyone else but me know that Jackie Chan has had eyelid surgery? He looks so Asian in his before photo.  Actually, I think Jackie looks more handsome with his natural eyelids.  If there was a fan club for Asian guys with single fold eyelids I'd join it.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Banzai Pipeline-better than deer opener

Having grown up a million miles from the nearest ocean, I had no idea that tides had seasons.  I figured one day monster waves rolled in and another they were flat.  But tides have seasons, and it's currently big wave opener in Oahu.  A local reports that it's been chilly at Pipeline with temps in the 70's.  Boo hoo.  See more opening photos of Banzai Pipeline by photobrent on Transworld Surf.

Analog Clothing makes denim.  They make Nathan Fletcher pose in their denim. This works for me.

Last week Danny Pudi's character on Community wore a bright red RVCA t-shirt. This same episode featured a little monkey who stole pens.  Fade scene.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Buddha says, "No Eichler for you!"

If I were Buddhist, I'd say I must have done some nasty craziness in my past life not to have a house like this one in the present.  Behold Hunter and Casie's Concord, California Eichler home featured on Apartment Therapy.

Ajumma used to live and breathe Eichlers.  We're talking books, magazine articles, online research and even dragging my husband to open houses on weekends.  Hunter and Casie's house may be the nicest interior renovation I've ever seen.

 Classy and clean, but not sterile

My sister-in-law has this same bench at the foot of her bed.  While it looks awesome, I can tell you it hurts your buttcheeks to sit on it.  Regardless, way to go Hunter and Casie!  Read more about their home renovation on their blog Redneck Modern.

Marty, their cranky cat

Thursday, November 4, 2010

They make me feel like dancing

I recently bought these colorful bowls and plates from Crate and Barrel. Every time I see them I feel happy. I figured this must be how parents feel about their children. I know that's a completely crazy thought. I mean, sometimes children make parents so insane they'd rather drive around the city for a few hours rather than come home. So in that way, my bowls and dishes are better than kids.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How sweet the sound

Ajumma doesn't usually think much of pretty boys.  The more I see of actor James Marsden, however, the more I like him. Marsden is funny (Death at a Funeral) and isn't afraid to look stupid (Enchanted). He's like Drew Barrymore except, let's face it, more attractive.