Saturday, May 31, 2008

Good stuff: Chocolate Skateboards

Seems like Chocolate snaps up the best and brightest graphic designers in the biz! Check out the pro decks and tees from their Spring '08 collection.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Meet Jeero

Jeero wants to hang out with you. Why? He needs you. Jeero thinks life is so complicated, so he needs you to comfort him. Wage and Babo ask him so many questions, and he isn't sure what makes them think he has any of the answers. Maybe they think his red nose means he's Jeero the wise. Well he's not! What time is it? Jeero has no idea. How do you get from here to there? Don't ask…Jeero doesn't know! Jeero just wants to sit on the couch with you and eat some snacks. Is that too much to ask? Jeero doesn't know, but he does know that you know it’s time for you to cancel your plans and hang out with the Uglydolls.

Ajumma once had a friend named Jeero. Jeero didn't think life was all that complicated as long as he could snag as many free lunches from work as possible and the tape on his glasses held his lenses together. What time is it? Jeero could tell you-literally and methaphorically. And if he didn't know, he'd brush you off in the bluntest form of Japanese possible. How do you get from here to there? Take his friend's car, which Jeero continually parked in tow-away zones to the point that cops put a warrant out for his friend's arrest. What do you mean the car is gone? Whoops! Just hop on the back of his 10-speed, cancel all your plans, and hang out for the rest of the day with Jeero .

Se7en in America

Korean popstar Se7en dropped by The Hundreds shop in Los Angeles this week. It's weird how Se7en goes from being a celebrity mobbed by fans in Seoul to just an average dude in a baseball cap in California.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Gotta love 'em: blonde men

There were three construction workers, one Mexican, one Chinese, and one blonde, eating lunch on scaffolding high above a building. The Mexican worker looked in his lunch, and said, "A taco. If I get a taco for lunch one more time, I'm going to jump off this building!"

The Chinese worker looked in his lunch, and said, "Egg rolls. If I get egg rolls one more time, I'm going to jump off this building!"

Then the blonde worker looked in his lunch and said, "Bologna. If I get bologna one more time, I'm going to jump off of this building!"

The next day they all got the same lunch, and they all jumped off the building and died. At the funeral the Mexican worker's wife said, "If he would have told me he didn't want tacos, I would have made him something different."

Then the Chinese worker's wife said, "If he would have told me he didn't want egg rolls. I would have made him something else."

Then the blonde worker's wife said, "I don't understand. He made his own lunch."

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ajumma's fave: Chilled Korean noodles

Since temperatures are finally cracking 70 degrees around the upper midwest, local restaurants now have naeng myun back on the menu. Naeng myun, chilled buckwheat noodles originally from North Korea, is generally considered to be a summer food. Here are two delicious types:

Mool naeng myun is served in a cold beef broth mixed with vinegar. Sliced cucumbers, a hard boiled egg, and Korean pears may be added as garnish. I prefer my mool naeng myun ice cold.

Bibim naeng myun is served with a chili paste, vinegar, and a hint of sesame oil. Cucs, a hard boiled egg, and picked radish make the finishing touches. Spicy mustard sauce is optional. Noodles in both types of naeng myun are very long and quite a mouthful. I recommend asking the ajumma at the restaurant to cut up your noodles with her kitchen scissors. She'll happily oblige.

Shia overload

I thought I was done with Shia LaBeouf. Then I saw the youngster on the cover of GQ magazine and decided he could stick around for another summer. Here's a teaser trailer for his new movie Eagle Eye, which is due in theaters September 2008. Courtesy of my new favorite site Filmofilia!

Monday, May 19, 2008

"My Speech to the Martians" by Jack Handey

Humorist Jack Handy once penned a deep thought about a hobo jumping on a trampoline. I read it on a crowded airplane and laughed so hard I cried. Jack's back with a new collection titled What I'd Say to the Martians. It's well worth a walk to the bookstore this weekend.

Listen to Jack read his speech to the Martians here.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Duece and his mom

Rob Schneider, who is half Filipino, brought his mom to the
JC Penney Asian Excellence Awards on April 23.

Guess Korea lifted the embargo on balls...

In 2007, Korean pop star Rain outranked a disgruntled Stephen Colbert on Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People list. It all came to a head, last night, when Rain showed up after hours to accept Colbert's challenge to a dance off.
Watch the explosive action here!

Rain may be a mega-million pop star, but as the video shows, he can't dance.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Afraid of sharks? This should put you at ease.

While not f*cking things up at work, this week, Ajumma's been sitting in waiting rooms at doctor offices. Today I learned the following stats while reading Newsweek:

1 in 280 million
Odds of being killed by a shark. Only about six people die in shark attacks annually.

26 million
Number of sharks killed annually by humans

Here are some I looked up:

1 in 8 million
Odds of being attacked by a shark

1 in 2 million
Odds of being killed from falling out of bed

1 in 700,000
Odds of being killed by a dog

1 in 5000
Odds of being killed in a car crash

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Ryan Gosling, hot damn!

Ryan Gosling's recent letter to KFC Canada, on behalf of PETA:

Dear Mr. Bitove:

I am discouraged to hear that KFC Canada has not intervened to eliminate the abuses that birds raised and killed for KFC restaurants suffer, despite the strides that are being made by other companies. I understand that KFC Canada is still allowing its suppliers to scald chickens to death in scorching-hot water tanks and that many birds still suffer broken wings and legs because of violent treatment prior to slaughter. As a Canadian, I hope that you'll set a good example for KFC operators in the U.S. and elsewhere by stopping the worst abuses endured by the birds killed for KFC Canada's buckets. Won't you please consider setting a precedent that all other KFCs can follow? The time is ripe to do the right thing. By adopting the basic recommendations made by PETA and scientific experts (including raising birds in a more natural manner and employing less cruel slaughter methods), you could dramatically improve the lives and deaths of chickens raised and killed for KFC Canada. Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely, Ryan Gosling

Props to Ryan for sticking his neck out there. He should have included a "Certificate of Annoyance" with his letter to KFC. Kudos to band Matchbox 20, as well, for canceling their concert at a rodeo, last month, citing the unnecessary cruelty towards rodeo animals.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Next time someone irks you...

Print this out and present it to that person.
Courtesy of Lela Lee @ Angry Little Asian Girls.

The real deal: Jenny Shimizu

You might remember Jenny Shimizu as the buzz-cut Japanese American model from Calvin Klein's campaigns in the 1990s. Or you might know her as Angelina Jolie's former lover who warned Brad Pitt that he'll never be able to fully satisfy the mother of his children. She's back and on the cover of May's Audrey magazine. I've got to say I didn't recognize Jenny with hair. I figured she was some new, lanky biracial model.

Paul Nakayama catches up with the "Ducati-riding, tattoo-bearing ’90s beauty icon" in what I found to be a refreshing interview. Check it out.

He's Jewish?

Jason Segel is photogenic. I'd rather gaze at a spread of him than Christian Bale most any day, and that's saying something. Jason's got a great interview in this month's issue Heeb, in which he talks about being the only Jewish kid at a Christian school:

“When I sent out my Bar Mitzvah invitations, the principal called me into his office. He said, ‘The kids are really excited about your party, but they don’t understand what it is.’ So at Communion, he made me give a talk explaining it. You’ve never been beat up harder than after saying, ‘On Saturday, I become a man.’”

Well worth the read, Jason takes it like a man in Heeb.

Jet Li in "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor"

Brendan Fraser and his hair piece are back for another mummy movie. This time his character, Rick O'Connell, is battling a resurrected Han dynasty emperor, played by Jet Li. Michelle Yeoh is on board as the meddling sorceress who entombed the emperor and his army in terra cotta thousands of years ago.

I'm pretty much over the whole ancient curses and Far East thing. Apparently Hollywood producers are not. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor is due in theaters August 2008.