Tuesday, July 31, 2012

He's like a Japanese version of a young John Lone!

Who was the handsome Asian gentleman sitting near Prince William at the Olympic men's gymnastics finals yesterday?

Pic via Hello!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hair week continues at The Pad!

Vera Wang's long black hair is her trademark, much like Donatella's tan or Karl Lagerfeld's sunglasses. Moving beyond the Japanese ghost look, if I could suggest a 'do for the fashion dynamo it'd be an blunt angled bob starting below the chin going shorter behind her neck.  Or maybe Vera should chop off two feet and cut a long bang layer, ala French actress Linh Dan Pham.  Yes, this is me, a middle-aged Midwestern lady who buys the majority of my wardrobe at the mall giving advice to an iconic fashion designer.

Pic via Jobs & Hire

Monday, July 23, 2012

WTF hairstyle: Rat tails

What the heck is going on among Asian American men in Orange County? I've been away six months and see several of them sporting fatty rat tails. I'm scared. Do dragon dancers now require members to adopt such a hideous hairstyle? I had a serious desire to lean out my car window to let these otherwise handsome guys know how bad their hair looks. They won't attract the opposite sex that way. Rat tails and skin tight emo pants are no-nos for getting girls.*

*Unless you are Mick Jagger

Pic via Amazing Data

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The gloriousness of this purse cannot be captured in a photo

I almost bought a Dots purse at the airport yesterday.  I REALLY wanted it, but as an adult I just couldn't rationalize the $17 purchase.

Photo via Candy Sugar Shoppe

Makeup by Chiali Meng

I am addicted to makeup artist Chiali Meng's website.  It's chock full of lush wedding photos, real brides, and remarkable Before and Afters by Ms. Meng.  Most interesting to me is seeing the wedding trends among Asian American brides in Southern California.  Journalistic photography and vintage gowns and accessories seem to rule the roost in LA and OC.