Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Miles Teller seems like a d-bag, however...

I read Esquire's interview with Miles Teller (the 28 year-old actor with the odd face who stars in the new Fantastic Four movie).  I have never seen him act before. Based solely on the impression left from his interview, Teller is a loud-mouthed, pompous, overly self-entitled guy.  In a way he reminds me of Kanye West.  I did take offense to one part of the interview, but it had nothing to do with Teller.  At one point the East Coast native goes into a story saying, "I used to get this milk tea in college at the Asian market M2M when I was high."  The interviewer thinks to herself, 'as if you're supposed to know what milk tea is.'  

In the year 2015 it is not unreasonable for someone to know what milk tea is. I looked online and Atlanta (where the interview occurs) lists over 50 places that sell bubble tea, so get with it Anna Peele!  Sheezus, make some Asian friends.

Photo courtesy of Done Dirt Cheap DVD

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hello! Japanese postie notes

Long story short: I bought these adhesive posties from a Japanese bookstore for a colleague who was celebrating her birthday.  I tucked them inside a birthday card with a photo of deliciously iced donuts on the front.  It was perfect, until I realized she didn't work on Thursdays when I delivered it to her.  So I kept the posties and the card.  The posties cost ^%$@*! $9, but the good news is they really spruce up otherwise boring paperwork.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hiroto and Kanoa say DO YOUR BEST!

Congratulations and おめでとうございます to Hiroto Ohhara for winning the 2015 Vans US Open of Surfing Men's title on Sunday in Huntington Beach!  It was a nailbiter to watch Ohhara (a native of Chiba, Japan) go for it against determined competitor Tanner Hendrickson.
Stab Magazine posted a clip on Hiroto's Vans experience and what the 18 year-old surfer plans to do with his winnings.  It starts with Hiroto speaking Japanese to HB local/fellow competitor, Kanoa Igarashi.  Kanoa translates.  While it felt bittersweet to watch Hiroto conquer Kanoa in the Men's semi-finals, Hiroto charged every wave and truly embraced every opportunity to shine.

Photo by Sean Rowland for Getty Images

Beauty in baldness

The New York Times interviewed four women who live with alopecia who are meeting one another for the first time. They talk about their femininity and self-identities in a world in which many associate a woman's beauty with her hair.

Monday, August 3, 2015

I'd live here: Newport Beach

If I had won the $110 million Powerball last week, I'd likely be at the realtor's office making an offer on this 2100 square foot casual home on Newport Peninsula.  The home, built from studs up in 2007 (though the listing says 1946), features 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms (2 full and 1 partial).  It's got two parking spots, forced heating, a Viking range, subzero fridge, and a fireplace.  I'm assuming it has an indoor washer and dryer.  I'm big on those. When I viewed the listing this morning I'm fairly certain it had no flag or outdoor hot tub but it does now!  The patio boats an outdoor shower, perfect for when you return home from the beach with your salty gear.

I'm a little hesitant to plunk down the asking price of $2,495,000 for a property that has no ocean view or seaside access, though this house is walking distance to Jetty View Park and The Wedge.  You'd be near the water on a quiet street without having droves of tourists passing by your front windows.  

If I lived here I'd paint the front door (on both sides) a bold red, green, or blue.  I love colorful dutch doors. 

I'd consider making the fireplace gas.  Is that lame?

For over $2 million, the kitchen seems small, but I'm not a chef and don't need a cavernous space.  If there's room, I'd install an island.

I'd turn this desk space into a closet.

 I wish they showed the other bathrooms, too.

I'd use the master suite as a family room with a huge plus couch and TV, and would sleep in one of the other bedrooms.  The raised ceilings are wasted on closed eyes.  How much time do people really spend in their master suites, anyway?  Why do they have to be so big?

The narrow back patio could use a professional's help.  (We have a hot tub at our apartment complex.  My husband talked about using it for months, but when we finally did he couldn't sit in it for more than a minute.  He looked like a boiling potato.  He's the kind of guy who gets crazy when the shower is too hot, so I don't know what he was thinking.) Out back I'd lay artificial grass and put out a variety of potted trees and succulents.  Our surfboards and wetsuit drying rack would go where the hot tub is located.  I'd drape strings of outdoor bulbs so it's pretty at night and would set up a hammock for relaxing in privacy.  Summer is almost over.  I want to spend my last days of freedom and bliss in this house!

In the end with my Powerball winnings in hand, I'd offer $1 million for this property at 2112 Seville Ave, Newport Beach, CA 92661.  Check out the listing for yourselfhttps://www.redfin.com/CA/Newport-Beach/2112-Seville-Ave-92661/home/3241555.

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I'd totally live here: Naples

To the stingray who swam under me on Sunday

I was sitting on my board in still waters.  I looked down to see clumps of dark seaweed through the gray water.  With slight panic I wondered, 'Is that a stingray?'  When with quiet grace you came floating by along the ocean floor, first your dish plate body and then your thin tail.  After my pause of awe, I began to slap the water trying to get you to scoot away.  That was rude of me.  You were just chilling, enjoying your Sunday morning.  The ocean is your home and I am but a guest.  I've probably got another sting coming my way.

Photo courtesy of mnzoo.org

Monday, July 27, 2015

My sea shell collection

I love searching for pretty and interesting shells in the sand.  I think all of my seashells are from beaches in Orange County.  My prize finds include a tiny sand dollar (I had a bigger one but accidentally smashed it while carrying it with my surfboard), some purple barnacles, and two tiny horns.

I keep telling myself I have enough shells, but they're hard to resist when glistening like tiny sculptural treasures in the sand.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

What's got four eyes and is as hot as hell?

Cary Joji Fukunaga, famed director of True Detective Season 1 (How did the world not explode when Woody from Cheers and Matthew from Dazed & Confused signed to be on the same series?), Jane Eyre (dark, engrossing, and well acted), and Sin Nombre (also pretty good) is the man in specs.  So abundant are photos of him in glasses, what started as a fun blog post quickly became exhausting to assemble. 

Fukunaga's vintage frames are my favorite. They tell me he can run a major newspaper and grease a chassis.

The glasses above and below work with a hoodie or a tux (or a bun or braids).  Fukunaga was wearing them when he became a sensation during the 2014 Emmy Awards.

His Jane Eyre era glasses.  You go, Cary.

By the time I realized his Sundance glasses differed his others my brain felt fatigued.

Uncle Terry called.  He wants these glasses back.  I strongly suggest Fukunaga sends them.

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Photos courtesy of 
Lainey Gossip
Hollywood Reporter
OnPoint WBUR
El Periodico
Bright Ideas Mag
LA Times
Showbiz 411
Getty Images
Perez Hilton

Friday, July 24, 2015

"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" fan art

Star Wars: The Force Awakens by DaniDeSanta

The Dark Side by EddieHolly

Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser concept by Paul Shipper

Surfers I have met

I've been surfing (using this term in the loosest form possible) for a few months.  One surprisingly awesome part of the whole experience has been meeting real surfers. 

Hunter and Alex: Surf instructors!  Encouraging and as funny as hell.  I find those who tend to work with kids are the best teachers.  It's obvious they love the ocean and life.  It's crazy to think about how many surfers they're creating and sending forth.

Lisa: Shout out to Lisa for being so cool and friendly AND she's Asian. Woot woot!  Lisa is nice to me and asks me week after week how the water is even though she knows I'm the biggest kook on the beach.  Props to her for riding a shortboard.

Eric: Eric, you can borrow my wax any day.  Thanks to this gentleman for offering his cell phone to me when I thought someone had stolen my keys on the beach.  He showed me how to switch from the phone number area to the message section of the text after I told him I didn't know how to do it because "I have a different kind of phone."  LIES!  Looking back on it, we have the same kind of phone.  Eric said he hopes someone helps his wife if she were in trouble.  He also showed me his lockbox that he uses to keep his keys safe. 

Tom: Tom is up there with Alex for his zest for life.  Tom is like a big ball of sunshine and happiness.  He spent almost an hour chatting with me in the beach parking lot after we both decided not to get into the water (He because conditions were too crappy for his skill level.  Me because my arms were too wimpy for the paddle out through churning water).  Tom gave me all sort of advice on timing, watching the waves, and what not to do.  Tom has been surfing OC for years and has never been stung by a stingray.  Mind boggling.

Erin: Erin drives a VW bus covered in stickers parked on the northside of Huntington Beach's pier.  He looks like a shorter, blonder Iggy Pop.  When I first met Erin he was laughing about getting spanked by a wave at the pier that morning.  He told me he notices when he surfs the faster, stronger waves in Newport Beach his surfing improves when he returns to HB.  Erin urged me to shake off my chicken feathers about catching outside waves.  He said when it's all said and done it's in God's hands.  I can't help but like Erin.  He's so genuine and unique.

Mike: I had a blowout session last Friday morning, as in I blew big time.  I was getting tossed here and there so badly that an OG on a shortboard took the time to come over, wade into shallow water, and shout to me, "Keep paddling!"  He was cool and gave me tips about my hand placement and the fact I need to paddle harder when catching waves and wait until I feel the wave moving my board to pop up.  Anyway, when I came back to my car Mike was suiting up one spot over.  Mike, with his shaggy hair and springsuit, is laid back.  He asked me how it was and if the water was warm.  (I love when people ask me about the water's temperature because I can answer it truthfully without having to admit I suck at surfing.)  Mike's been shanked twice by stingrays this year.  Apparently neither time he went to the lifeguard station to soak his foot.  In fact, after his second sting he squeezed out the poison and went grocery shopping in Long Beach.  Suddenly his foot swelled and felt like it was on fire.  I told him that was hardcore, to which he replied it was actually stupid. 

Artwork by Keiron Lewis (who surfs and is from Down Under)

Maroon 5 is right!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Warm nights, tiny lights by Chantal Defelice

I now fully understand love at first sight having seen Chantal Defelice's series "warm nights, tiny lights."  Her sketches possess such character and whimsy.  Just look at the shading of her stucco, the glowing hues from her windows, and the bustling sparkle of the LA city skyline.  I recently bought a pair of earrings she created of images she captured in San Francisco's Chinatown

Every day's a new chance to get lost

This is the second commercial for California Lottery that makes me stop what I'm doing and watch every time it comes on!  (Their holiday commercial with the old man gets me every darn time, too.)  The catchy song in the ad is Hey My Man by the Babes. 

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Wearing a t-shirt with big boobs

I envy men and flat-chested women who can throw on a t-shirt and be comfortable.  I'd like to get this cute Ugly Doll tee sold by Giant Robot, but know it would fit like a vice.

LOL, that Troy

I was searching for a meaningful quote about "community" for my workplace bulletin board, and I came across this.  It made me laugh out loud.

He's been told her looks like a Kennedy
Jeff Winger's new hairstyle
Jeremy and Donald: Cholafied
Senor Chang writes in Korean
Breaking Bad stars out and about
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Am I krumping?

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Custom "Lava" painting by artist Dan-O Florez

Monday, June 22, 2015

Maroon 5 is right!

I got stung by a stingray while surfing yesterday at Bolsa Chica State Beach and it hurt like a mutha.  The crazy thing is after landing on my ass a few times and shuffling through a low tide all morning, the stingray stung me when I was standing still.  The sensation is not like stepping on a jagged shell or even glass.  My sting was like someone took a gigantic needle and jabbed it into the top of my foot with all the adrenaline and force he could muster.  The pain that immediately follows is intense, burning, and cramping.  The longer it takes you to get your foot into hot water the more it burns.  Luckily my husband was on the shore and helped me hobble to the lifeguard headquarters where I soaked my foot for 40 minutes.  I left a trail of blood from the lifeguard station all the way down the beach to where we had left my surfboard.  As I sat with my foot throbbing in the red stained water I told myself I was done with surfing.  I suck enough where it won't matter if I quit, plus why go through the potential of getting maimed by sea creatures?  About 20 minutes in another surfer arrived.  He had to hobble the distance of three lifeguard stations and get a ride from his wife after being stung, so his foot was on fire. By that time my pain had lessened and I remembered that I still had four lessons that I had paid for so I may as well keep surfing.

In the end I figure I each mucho pescado, plus as a kid I had more than one unfortunate aquatic pet.  I'll take a few painful stings and know that it's karma.  My husband says we have to get good enough at surfing to paddle to the outside breaks and stay out there.  Otherwise like Maroon 5 says, this summer's going to hurt like a mutha.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Things I don't like about "Jurassic World" (SPOILERS!!!)

If The Rock was still The Rock from the year 2000 I would have watched his flick, San Andreas, yesterday.  However, neither The Rock nor I are the same people we were 15 years ago so my friend and I settled on seeing Jurassic World, instead.  My friend jumped every time a dinosaur took a booming step or a dinosaur took a swipe and ate someone. 

Things I liked about Jurassic World:  (SPOILERS)
  • Jake Johnson (from New Girl) working the main control room
  • Bryce Dallas Howard running in pumps.  We all know women who can haul ass in heels.  I don't find it too far-fetched
  • The pterodactyls soaring in the air and swooping down to grab people
  • The park goers losing their minds over the incoming pterodactyls
  • When the geo-modified evil dinosaur (GMED) stepped on people
Things I did not like about Jurassic World: (MORE SPOILERS)
  • The two child characters.  They were horribly written.  The younger brother seriously needed to be stepped on.  Writers should have made the characters kids of a rich investor or something like that.
  • The scene where Chris Pratt comforted a dying brontosaurus. The scene was over the top.
  • In Jurassic Park, the T-Rex was the ultimate bad guy.  The entire movie involved people running for their lives.  Yet in Jurassic World, Bryce Dallas Howard lets out a T-Rex to fight the GMED.  Then people smiled and congratulated themselves after the fight even though THE T-REX WAS UNCONSTRAINED AND FREE ROAMING.  What's changed people?
  • Preachy messages like, "when you have kids" and "they're worth it, I promise." Judy Greer's character (the one pressuring Bryce Dallas Howard to have kids) cried through the whole movie. Yeah, lady.  You have kids and you look really happy.

Friday, June 12, 2015

If a Japanese surfer was wearing this suit at Pipeline while shouting "Banzai!" we might be on to something

Ah, the Japanese.  Leave it to our salaryman brethren to take the wetsuit to a whole new level. See the suit in action.

My girlfriend who lived in Japan for over a decade says that Japanese avidly surf, but their beaches are really dirty.  That is certainly not how I envisioned them.

Check out Quiksilver Japan's True Wetsuit website to see the collection.

Friday, May 15, 2015

They got my hair right

A few weekends ago I was on the Huntington Beach pier.  HB had notable waves that Sunday and skilled surfers were out in droves on the northside.  One kid stood out.  He was taking all sorts of waves, even ones other surfers were ignoring.  His pop up was interesting to me in that he'd appear get up late, almost where I thought he was going to miss the wave.  But then he'd be on his feet and tearing shit up.  I had no idea who he was but he was so damn steezy.  Being the dork I am I wrote a "Hey You!" to OC Weekly and they published it.  God, I wonder if I looked as creepy in real life as I do in the little illustration.  They got my hair right though! 

Update: It turns out the brilliantly awesome surfer who has nudged Nathan Fletcher down one notch in my list is a young pro from Huntington Beach (and number 22 on Surfer's Hot 100).