Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Year of the Snake 2013

The Year of the Snake (1965- 1977- 1989 - 2001- 2013) is slithering just around the corner.  If born under this Chinese zodiac sign you are known for being

  • Private
  • Intelligent
  • Materialistic
  • Unusually stressed
  • Jealous, even obsessive
  • Elegant
  • Good with complex problem solving
  • Desiring an orderly home life

New year serpent ornament by feltmates on Etsy!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ajumma calls out the good thangs

Elastic waist lines--not just for summer anymore

Festive steel cow holiday ornaments by Iowa artist Valerie Miller:  I've got two hanging on my Christmas tree!

Vintage Christian Fletcher, Andy Irons, and Nathan via Christian Fletcher Surf

Nordic Gummy Fish: How did I go 36 years without discovering these soft, fruity bits of happiness? Via Candyality

I've seen hundreds of Asian horror movies. The documentary The House of Suh is exponentially sadder and more disturbing than any fictitious ghost story. This engrossing film re-examines the 1993 murder by Andrew Suh of his older sister's boyfriend whom he killed at her request.  

Now that NBC's Community is off the air, my favorite television character has become nurse Morgan Tookers on FOX's The Mindy Project.  As the no-way-but-loose nursing juggernaut, played by Ike Barinholtz (formerly of MadTV), Morgan cranks it up and whips it out of the ballpark each episode accidentally smashing a car window here and a lamp post there. He had me at his interview when he asked to be called "Ransom" on the job.

Rebecca's blog post on xoJane about her quest to get a pixie haircut.  You go girl!