Sunday, February 3, 2008

Adoptee meets birth mom & twin sister

Emily Saunders, a 21 year-old Korean adoptee of St. Paul, first learned that she had a twin sister seven months ago. She had always known she had been adopted by Jackie and Eric Saunders, of Minnesota, when she was a baby. But then last summer Emily was contacted by her birth mom, who is suffering from cancer, and learned that she has a twin sister who was not given up for adoption. Last month, Emily and and her adoptive mom left the Twin Cities bound for South Korea. They spent eight days there getting to know Emily's birth family. Though she started out angry at her birth mother, Emily says now that she is no longer bitter, "She loves me. She probably regrets giving me up," Emily said. "I didn't think I'd have a connection with her. I had a little bit of one." Emily was surprised by the poverty in which her birth mom and sister, Eunjin, live. But she had a great time getting to know her twin and hopes that someday Eunjin can live near her in the United States.