Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ajumma finally loses it.

I don't know if it's my conscience sneaking up on me, or what. I think what I'm trying to say is that shoes are not important. Neither are hand bags, watches, iPod cases, or designer skateboard decks. That would pretty much make this whole blog void and null, wouldn't it? Crossing through The Hundreds blog, I stumbled into a recent interview with a favorite 90's icon who once stated "you are not what you own." Though he lost me halfway through his interview with his rambling, he certainly got me thinking about things.

100 + pet reptiles and other small animals were found, today, abandoned, freezing and without food or water in a foreclosed property in Hesperia, California. Shit like this and worse goes down every single day in systemized food production and in private homes. People are being bombed in street markets in the Middle East! So who cares about people who have everything who throw it all away, like Heath and Britney? Shame on them for throwing away opportunities most could only dream of having.

Today a young coworker recounted a story about meeting David Beckham, the multi-million dollar product whore who also happens to be a footballer. David was in Chicago for a soccer tournament. My coworker was wearing his Beckham jersey in anticipation of the big game. While out one day, behold, he saw David Beckham across the street. The two made eye contact and according to my coworker, Beckham took off running down the street. Coworker followed him in hot pursuit. David ran into a store and proceeded to hide in a stall. Coworker walked up to the stall and knocked. David came out and said (in his high pitched English accent), "You don't give up easily, do you?" and signed my coworker's jersey -- his own stupid soccer jersey for which my young coworker shelled out hard-earned dollars. What nerve does David Beckham have trying to ditch a fan who spent money to support him with his own jersey?