Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I hate Margaret Cho.

Margaret Cho has passed over to the other side and abandoned her chubby Asian sisters. At some point the Goddess (how I used to lovingly refer to her) discovered in this capitalist country you don't have to eat until your stomach bleeds. You can always get more food at any given moment. That's great for Margaret, but I still have the mentality of a cavewoman who has stumbled a box of Girl Scout Cookies and doesn't know when her next meal of gazelle will come. In fact, I've been living on a steady diet of cookies since my Girl Scout order came in two weeks ago. Upon seeing my truckload of cookie boxes, Ajumma's hubby exclaimed, "Do you think we're made of money?!" Apparently $17.00 of cookies is a little extreme to him. Well, the fallout has begun. My skin is breaking out from all the processed sugar and today I had to cut my usual 2 mile run short from fatigue.

This evening Margaret shoved her knife a little deeper into my back when she blogged about her perfect skin. She says, "I have beautiful, amazing, incandescently glowing and mostly clear skin, and I try really hard to get it that way. Skin is totally important to me." Yeah, skin is important to me, too. I really need it so my muscles and tissue don't fall out and slosh all over the ground! Too bad it won't stay clear for longer than a week!!! Anyway, kudos to Cho for loving dogs and for having a pro-PETA stance. But it's sure hard to relate to a popular, skinny Korean girl with incandescant skin.