Wednesday, April 23, 2008

News of the day: Animals screwed

This morning my wheelchair-bound mother (with whom I'm staying while my dad attends a conference in the cities) subjected me to the Today show. Some old rowdy woman in Florida found a 5-foot alligator tromping through her kitchen and caught it on video. Apparently the gator broke in to find food or find a mate. After a struggle with a trapper, the alligator was taken off site to be killed. The stupid old bag went on in animated fashion about how she got to touch the alligator and how its back was hard as stone. No mention of feeling badly that the alligator was destroyed for doing what nature intended it to do.

In other news, Yahoo! reports that Rocky, the 5-year old grizzly bear who wrestled Will Ferrell in Semi-Pro, attacked and killed his trainer, yesterday. This is extremely unfortunate. Rocky is known as the "best working bear in the business." Apparently it takes a genius to know that the words "working" and "bear" should NEVER GO TOGETHER. Bears are meant to roam the woods, not forced to wear a collar, mimic trainers on movie sets, and reside in crates.

We've learned that Colorado University's mascot Ralphie the Buffalo burst out of her pen and sprinted across Folsom football field with her handlers in hot pursuit, yesterday. This was the 750 pound bison's first appearance at a game. As Ralphie flung herself across the field, she managed to trample one of her handlers. Football and live bison. Good God, people.  

Finally, don't get me started on the man who recently starved a street dog in the name of art, and has been asked to recreate the performance at other locales. You can visit Margaret Cho's blog for details on that tragic story.

Animals aren't on this earth for human entertainment. Until we get a clue about this, crazy sad shit like the stories above will continue to happen.