Thursday, April 17, 2008

Something About Ryan

Picked up Lars and the Real Girl, last night, on DVD. The first movie I've watched in half a year is about a shy man and his anatomically-correct, plastic girlfriend. Actually, it's about a town's fondness for this shy man, so much so that they go along with his delusions about his girlfriend, "Bianca." Lars explains that she's from South America, her parents died when she was a baby, that she is very religious etc. etc. When Lars starts noticing his live coworker, Margo, however, life gets a little crazy with Bianca.

Ryan Gosling. Never quite grasped the hoopla surrounding him. I mean, the guy was on The Mickey Mouse Club for goodness sake! Now having seen him on film, I get a sense of it. He's reminiscent of Christian Bale. Both Ryan and Christian have a gravitational pull and a finite edge to their acting. But Gosling is not as unsettling and more subtle than Bale. I'm becoming a convert, and after Lars and the Real Girl, I am off to watch Gosling in the acclaimed film, Half Nelson.