Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sushi la la land, but no free parking

My brother in law's favorite sushi place is the one where the chef hollers his name when he enters. The bigger the scene, the more he is enthralled with the restaurant. Ajumma's favorite sushi place is the one where the chef is the quietest and the fish is the freshest.

My husband and I have traversed the sushi landscape (which has grown immensely) of Minneapolis-St. Paul since moving back from California. We've settled on Fujiya in Uptown Minneapolis as the best sushi in the area. You won't find us there often, however, because A. they're expensive B. you wait a while before getting a table, and C. no free parking (which is most annoying). My brother in law would also add that they don't scream your name when you arrive. What Fujiya does have is creative advertising. Here's their ad from a local magazine featuring a Japanese robot commuting to work in the states.