Sunday, November 1, 2009

For sale: Cinderella's house in San Diego

I love this home, but feel the princessey interior of this two bedroom, one bath Pacific Beach hacienda may limit potential buyers from plunking down $799,000 for the property. Here is how I'd stage the place:

The white, flowy drapes should be replaced with bolder, more substantial ones. Large rugs and green plants would warm the space and give it life. Curses to whoever painted the fireplace white, because it now loses its place as the focal point of the room.

The living room walls are screaming for art. Some handmade Mexican art would be nice. If there's room, I'd pull the sofa away from the wall and replace the pillows with ones with colorful prints. What is with all the dressers and cabinets in the living room? That implies there is no storage elsewhere in the house, which might actually be the case.

Add door fronts to the kitchen cabinets. Paint one wall a cheery color. Place a bowl of fruit and fresh flowers on the counter. If fabric must hang below the sink, I recommend a vintage one.

A color on the bedroom walls would accentuate the curved windows.
Home Depo must have had a sale on chandeliers because they're everywhere in this house. While they're cute, they don't fit the Spanish bones of this home.

In the rear yard, I'd plant brilliant bougainvilla. Rather than all those wicker chairs, an outdoor sofa would look attractive. Dot the space with potted plants and you'll have an ideal spot for a siesta.