Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Zoinks! Zombies!

How can one tell the difference between a ghost and a zombie? They often share traits like grey skin, hallowed out eyes and streaked blood, but there are some key differences.

1) Ghosts are spirits who may or may be out to possess your soul. Unlike zombies, you cannot bonk a ghost over a head with a shovel. 
2) Zombies are humans who have died, but disease resulted in them coming back to consume brains not souls).

3) Zombies almost always have wounds and decay on their bodies. There might be blood, but you'll always see rot. 
4) Zombies don't float or walk through walls. They teeter and tremble on decayed limbs. The really scary ones dash and lunge.

Zombies don't smile or look cute. This girl needs some brain matter smashed into her hair, a grey face and black circles drawn under her eyes. She also needs a lurch in her step. Photo by damien

Glenn, pizza delivery boy turned zombie hunter, from The Walking Dead. Aja aja, Glenn.