Sunday, December 4, 2011

This makes me p*ssed

On Pissed Consumer people submit complaints about poor customer service at businesses.  They tend to range from overcharged credit cards to incompetent managers. A disturbing trend I've noticed on Pissed Consumer is the racist tone of commenters. When people posted saying they received poor customer service or hostility from employees due to their skin color, people responded like this:

>Written by Whatever on January 13, 2010 
Race card = cannot take you seriously.

>Written by WTF?! on October 19, 2009 
Seriously? Are you really playing the race card? Seems to me that you have bigger issues than custom paint.

>Written by random1344 on August 25, 2011 
Really you pulled the race card? There are a hundred reasons why you might not have been greeted in a timely manner, but you pick race discrimination. Grow up, get thicker skin, or both.

Then there was the commenter who called someone the N-word but was thoughtful enough to * out the Gs. How nice. So people of color are welcome to complain about service unless it involves their race? Bad service due to racism does exist and we have every right to call it when we see it.  Whites to Blacks, Asian to Blacks, Blacks to Hispanics, Asians to other Asians, etc. it happens. We shouldn't have to shuffle it under the rug because it makes other people uncomfortable.