Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'm seriously addicted to "Breaking Bad"

"You need to stop cooking meth, go home, and repair things with your wife!" Such is my yelling while watching the AMC series Breaking Bad.  Now filming its 5th and final season, Breaking Bad is about a terminally ill high school Chemistry teacher named Walter White, and his former student, who cook and sell Crystal Meth.  It's about more than cooking meth; Breaking Bad is about insane raging violence, heart aching fractures in once loving relationships, utter desperation, and greed. Did I mention it's also extremely funny?  I've just begun the first episodes of Season 2.  I used to like Bryan Cranston's character Walter White, even after he committed his first murder.  Now I'm not so sure.  And I'm starting to feel protective of Walt's mouthy partner Jesse, which makes me feel kind of gross, yo.

Breaking Bad character Tio Hector can't speak, but can ring a bell for a yes or no.  Tio almost gave me a heart attack in Season 2 in the most intense television I've seen in years.