Sunday, October 28, 2012

Let's hear it for the Ghost Boy

I watched the perfect ghost movie last night.  귀 鬼 (Gwi) is a 2010 Korean horror film featuring four chapters by four different directors.  Each chapter revolves around students chasing attention from their crushes via a devious tarot card fortune spell.

My favorite of the shorts is Ghost Boy by director Joachim Yeo. Ghost Boy is about a high school student (sympathetically and humorously played by Minho Lee) who can see spirits, including young Seo-Hee. Within the 15 minutes of this story, I shrieked (this movie includes the 2nd freakiest ghost I've ever seen in Asian Horror), I cheered, and I laughed out loud. At the end of Ghost Boy I actually cried. I haven't experienced a horror movie this entertaining and well-rounded in years, even if it was a short film.  You can watch Ghost Boy on Youtube (starting at 3:38) or on Roku's Asian Crush channel.

Pics via Gonin Movie Blog