Friday, July 19, 2013

Man Week continues at Ajumma's Pad

Actor, writer, comedian, and rapper Donald Glover is one of the more photogenic souls in existence.  Photo by Brooklyn-based Seth Olenick

If you're Asian and have too much time on your hands you've probably had the conversation with friends about how striking half-Asian people are.  My girlfriend and I commented the other day how most half-Korean, Japanese and Chinese folks blow it off the charts. However, we agreed that when it goes bad, it's  B-A-D.  Have you ever noticed that half-Vietnamese people are like wildcards? Skateboarder Jon Nguyen won the genes jackpot.  He's got it going on, and I even dig his beard.  A native of San Jose, Nguyen is sponsored by DVS, Imperial Motion and Krux.  While skateboarder Don Nguyen is known as "Nuge," Imperial Motion claims Jon's nickname is Nugget.