Saturday, October 5, 2013

Team Jiga

I experienced a two week point between getting a job offer and starting my new position where I had oodles of free time.  Since I was not making an income I stayed home and spent A LOT of time online.  I now have seen most kevjumba and nigahiga YouTube videos. 

From a fan's perspective, these days it seems Kevin Wu has reached a point where he's making personal and professional changes.  This is natural for someone his age.  His videos, however, have hit an awkward phase.  (His video blog, "I'm Not Cool" from 2011 is one of my favorites.)  Ryan Higa, on the other hand, has hit his stride.  His videos are still extremely funny, yet also surprising and even touching.  Whereas Kevin is taking on roles outside of his well-known web persona, Ryan and his friends plug away as themselves, which is how their millions of fans (aka lamps) like it.

There was a hey day when Kevin and Ryan made videos together.  They reminded me of a pop culture superhero team.  Other times they seemed like they could be my two little brothers. 

Kevin: witty, ambitious, mischievous
Ryan: loud, creative, sweaty

Let's hope these two collaborate again in the future.