Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bad timing- Angry Asian Man posts

Angry Asian Man is one of my favorite sites on the Web.  AAM covers pop culture, politics, and news involving the Asian American community. The site's creator, Phil Yu, unabashedly wears his heart on his sleeve in many posts.  He doesn't shy away from the good, bad, or ugly.  I am a huge fan of AAM, but I was disappointed to run across two posts by Phil within a day of each other--one that reported a woman had been beaten to death by five people on a street, and the other cheering on endless asskicking in a new movie.  The movie's still features a woman (holding a hammer) brawling with a man on a subway.  

I realize that Phil doesn't make the news, he just reports it.  Still, for me it feels wrong to cheer on violence in movies within a day of mourning Kim "Annie" Pham, who was hit and stomped to death in a fight outside of a nightclub. Or if we're going to champion violence in entertainment, we shouldn't act aghast when it's acted out in daily life.