Wednesday, April 2, 2014

akaDan meets his Korean foster mom

Have I ever looked at my adoption records?  Yes.  Were there any previously overlooked hints about my birth parents?  No. Would I have sought my birth parents if there was information?  I'm not sure.  I have never pined for my birth mom or dad.  As a kid I figured they just plain died.  When I got older, I realized my birth parents were more likely were teens dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, poor, and/or were a family dealing with addiction or abuse.  Reality is stable families do not give up their kids.

I've been watching akaDan the documentary series on ISAtv about a 20-something rapper, Korean adoptee who meets his birth family and discovers he's a twin.  I'm generally not intrigued by returning-to-the-homeland stories, but I'm kind of hooked on akaDan. The most full-bodied episode yet is part 4, "My Foster Mother," where Dan meets the Korean ajumma who cared for him as an infant. 

Hear akaDan's full theme song featuring Clara Chung.

Photo via Kickstarter