Friday, August 22, 2014

* Origami wall flowers *

We get keys to our new, one bedroom apartment tomorrow.  I've been freaking out about how we'll fit all of our stuff into the space.  While it has more cupboard space in the kitchen than our current abode, it's sorely lacking in closets.  (Plus we found a guinea pig dumped on the grass a few weeks ago, which means we now have a gigantic cage on IKEA tables, a plastic bin full of hay and pellets, a stockpile of polar fleece, and (truly the piece de resistance) a full size plastic trash can for her refuse.)  I wonder where the hell we're going to put her items, plus our books, coolers, ironing board, mini Christmas tree, box of ornaments, framed art, my husband's office furniture, electronics, volleyball net, and his knick knacks from his Army days.  But, I digress. 

Every wall in our new apartment is white.  I'd like to spruce things up with adhesive wall decals.  I am thinking of buying origami wall flowers by MyVinilo USA.  They remind me of a Korean bojagi pattern.  I can even select my own custom colors!

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