Saturday, February 2, 2008

Everybody get crunky!

David Horvath, father of Uglydolls, is currently blogging his way through Seoul. It's a real treat to read his observations about The Land of the Morning Calm. Last week, David stopped through E-Mart, ate at Popeye's, and picked up a KicKer chocolate bar, not to be confused with a KitKat bar.

This got me thinking about my favorite sweets from my time in Korea. My all time #1 will always be Crunky candy bar. Crunky is similar to Nestle's Crunch bar, but with less milk and more cocoa. I'd buy six Crunkys, pack them in my carry-on as gifts for friends, and then proceed to eat half of them on the flight home. Oops. I also liked Mr. Big chocolate bar, which goes by the motto, "When you're this big, they call you Mister."

Finally, a girl can't spend almost two years in Korea and live without donuts. Since Ajumma's town was just a bump on the road, Korean-style donuts were usually on the docket with occasional stops at Dunkin's when in Seoul. Korean donuts don't have holes and are slightly greasier than American style donuts. And it was always a crapshoot whether I'd find bits of cooked corn inside.

See what David's been up to in Korea, check out his blog, here.