Saturday, March 8, 2008

Converse One Stars at Target

Good old Converse, as American as apple pie. No arch or heel support, but spunky all the same. I own a pair of rare, green suede One Stars. I call them rare because frankly no one else in their right mind would be seen in them. They weigh a ton and I have to wear them with cushioned insoles, because my ajumma joints won't tolerate the lack of support.

Perhaps you've heard Target stores now sell Converse clothing and One Star shoes. I checked it out on Friday night. The shoes are a dumbed down, cheapened version of their original One Stars. The slip-ons are half decent with metal shoelace rings (the tie-ons don't have them), but I am not a faux shoelace-less, slip-on kind of girl. Target wanted $30 for these shoes. I'd pay no more than $10. They look like the kind of shoes you'd see piled in groups of 300 at swap meets. Now their black suede men's skate shoe is another story. These babies have some substance to them, and while I cannot imagine someone doing tricks with so little heel support, they're pretty comfortable! I snatched up a pair for myself. As far Converse's clothing, they look nice on the models, but doesn't everything?