Monday, March 10, 2008

That's how they roll

MOSCOW (Reuters) - A Russian tank crashed through a villager's house after the crew stopped to buy vodka at a nearby shop. Footage from a mobile phone camera showed a laughing, and apparently drunk, driver awkwardly trying to clamber aboard with two bottles of vodka and the tank hitting the house.

"Get him out of the tank," screamed a woman in the village in the Urals. The army promised Friday to pay compensation and said the tank must have been broken and fallen behind a column heading to a test site for exercises. Earlier it said the vehicle slid on melting ice.

"Of course, there were violations but the crew acted in good faith to catch up with its unit," said Colonel Konstantin Lazutkin, spokesman for Russia's Volga-Urals Military District.

"Thank God, they didn't shoot," the house owner said on the video.

Heh, heh. I love how they were like, "The tank slid on ice--I mean, it malfunctioned. Sorry." I can only laugh because the tank did not hit my house. My head would have exploded if that happened. See video of the fallout, here.