Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm too dumb to operate an iPod

I had big plans to throw my newly purchased iPod across the customer service area of Best Buy, today. Two days of frustration over not getting it to sync properly reaked havoc on my sunny disposition. I wanted it all to play out in a dramatic display with the Apple product sailing through the air. Alas, I realized I'd get better service if I wasn't a raving lunatic.

Best Buy accepted my return without question. The Geek Squad guy pushed some buttons and furrowed his brow on how this new Apple product failed so miserably. A Best Buy employee found me, later, browsing at their other MP3 players and suggested I reexamine my iPod's default settings, since it's set up to use as little memory as possible. $230 dollars and an iPod later, I discovered the guy was right. Apple 1. Ajumma 0.