Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ajumma's fave: Chilled Korean noodles

Since temperatures are finally cracking 70 degrees around the upper midwest, local restaurants now have naeng myun back on the menu. Naeng myun, chilled buckwheat noodles originally from North Korea, is generally considered to be a summer food. Here are two delicious types:

Mool naeng myun is served in a cold beef broth mixed with vinegar. Sliced cucumbers, a hard boiled egg, and Korean pears may be added as garnish. I prefer my mool naeng myun ice cold.

Bibim naeng myun is served with a chili paste, vinegar, and a hint of sesame oil. Cucs, a hard boiled egg, and picked radish make the finishing touches. Spicy mustard sauce is optional. Noodles in both types of naeng myun are very long and quite a mouthful. I recommend asking the ajumma at the restaurant to cut up your noodles with her kitchen scissors. She'll happily oblige.